Home Refinance With Good Credit

When you have good credit there is nothing that will hold you back from getting the best deal on your home loan. Home refinance is something that you may want to look into if the current market interest rates are lower than the rate that you secured when you purchased your home. Interest rates have changed a lot over the past few years and if you bought your home during a time when the rate was higher than it is now, you could save a lot of money by refinancing now.

Make Your Good Credit Work for You

If you have good credit you may be wondering if you can do any better on your interest rate than you did a few years back. The answer is that, it will not hurt to look! You can inquire about interest rates and home refinance without actually committing to anything, so why not take a look at what is out there and consider how much you can save and if refinancing is something that you should pursue. You may be surprised to see how much you could save.

Many homeowners bought their home when a seven percent interest rate was considered to be very good. That is still very good by some standards, but if you have outstanding credit you may be able to find a lender that is willing to give you a home refinance loan for four or five percent instead. Doesn’t sound like much, but it can be a huge savings over 20 years or so that is left on your mortgage. Wouldn’t you much rather pay four percent interest on the value of your home rather than seven percent? That could mean a huge savings to you, even if you have a $150,000 home!

A lot of people with outstanding credit took advantage of one type of loan when they purchased their home that fit their needs at the time but have found that the loan no longer fits their needs. For instance, many buyers have found that they accepted an adjustable-rate mortgage when they purchased their home but since moving in they decided that they do not want to move again for at least another 10 years. This may not seem like a big deal, but the fact of the matter is that a fixed-rate mortgage can help you save so that you aren’t paying more interest than you have to when your interest adjusts. Home refinance can help you get the stable interest rate that you want when you are staying long term and through this stable interest rate you will pay much less over the course of the loan. Because you have good credit you’ll find that you can still get an outstanding interest rate, the only difference is that it will not change.

A Good Credit Rating Means More Money in Your Pocket

On the off chance that it was up to people to choose, numerous individuals would not assume praise for any reason; be it individual or business

If it was up to individuals to decide, many people would not take credit for any reason; be it personal or business. While the negative aspects of a debt are mostly felt when the borrower is unable to pay, it is hardly a premeditated scenario. When a financial institution considers a borrower’s credit rating to be good or at least decent, most credit facilities are willing to offer credit facilities. There is so much talk about what is a good credit score, and for most people, strategizing on how to attain it is a daily struggle.

A borrower may feel pressured to repay a credit facility and it may feel like they are denying themselves too much to appear good to the banks but it is all worth it. It might not appear like much of a benefit to oneself, but maintaining a good credit score is good for an individual, at least as far as future financial assistance is concerned. Is it possible to have more just because more effort has been placed to repay a loan, mortgage or credit card debt? The honest answer is YES! A pretty decent credit score is good, but getting a good rating is even better considering the many areas that stand to benefit;

Favorable mortgage rate

Owing to the fact that mortgages are paid over a long period of time, a homeowner gets to spend less money on interest if they pay back to the facility within a shorter duration of time. The interest is paid even lower if the borrower’s credit score is high. According to data made public by MyFico.com, a consumer with an average credit score of 760 or higher would get a mortgage at an interest rate of 3.74%, while another whose score is around 700 got the same facility at 3.96% interest. What is a good credit score? A cheaper mortgage!

Cheaper car loans

A car is a necessity and if there is a way to get it at a lesser value, then getting your credit score is one of them. On average, car loans are given within a vicinity of $26,000 and considering that the average car owner will pay this back within five years, then the interest rates definitely make a difference to the amount of money that is paid back. One can expect to save an average of $598 over the entire period with a good credit score. What is a good credit score if it cannot get you a car at a cheaper cost?

Credit card rewards

Plastic money has been gaining popularity over the last decade and while some people see it as a source of cheap credit, the amount of money spend on the card as interest depends on the average rating of the borrower. The best credit card for good credit offers an annual percentage rate as high as 17% or as low as 13%. The general assumption that lending institutions make is that a borrower with a good rating will clear their debt quickly and the balance at any given time is likely to be low. When marketing their credit card facility as the best credit card for good credit, some lenders will offer 0% interest on credit for the first year to potential customers who have a remarkable rating. This means that people whose credit score is considered poor or average will have to pay an interest rate in the first year of service. Other benefits that the best credit card for good credit owners stands to gain from maintaining good credit scores are free to air miles, loyalty points for using the card and cash back rewards.

Low interest on student loans

Some people are able to finance their own education from savings, sponsorships or even through programs like work-study. These facilities are not always available and the need to get funding from a credit institution may arise when the chance to go back to school presents itself. Loans given to finance education are issued on the basis of credit quality. The higher the credit, the less risky a loan is considered and to factor in this risk, lenders offer corresponding interest rates.

Business financing when needed

Starting a business definitely, costs money and for many entrepreneurs, the only obstacle between them and prosperity is a financial partner who believes in the validity of their business idea. A startup lacks any solid business credit history and lenders find it easier to consider the consumer score in assessing the credit risk. Maintaining a good credit score is therefore not only good for access to financing but qualifying for facilities with low-interest rates.

Buyer Credit Counseling – Is It Worthwhile To Clean The Cluttered Credit Slate

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Most but not all governments lead by example, whether they want to or not. Sometimes they give us an example of what not to do. Wall Street execs are also unwitting role-models to millions of American citizens and this is how it has been for quite sometime. While it is very true that mistakes can be made at any level, especially when irresponsible-lending and irresponsible-spending are involved. To keep your own credit in great shape, pay attention to these costly lessons learned by banks, mortgage lenders, home buyers, and our very own national government.

Credit is Earned

Credit isn’t a license to spend. Just because you’ve got a lot of available credit doesn’t mean you should race out to spend it all in one location and for a variety of ludicrous reasons. Credit lenders have a job to do, and that job doesn’t always have your best interests at heart – as too many home buyers have unfortunately discovered and in the last few years especially. if you have definitely had enough of the credit card rat-race or any deep-debt scenarios that seemingly have invaded and taken over American credit files and minds then it maybe time to look into credit counseling?

Ready to Start a New and Exciting Journey?

If you have been on the fence, so to speak, recently about the aspect of enlisting professional assistance on the basis of your credit situation and debt issues then we are happy to oblige in that area of concern. You should be deeply-concerned as life has a way of zooming past us and if you do not find the time to do something constructive about a crisis as family-orientated as credit counseling and debt-management then it could become too late in the very near future.


If you feel that now is the time to do something about you way-past-due credit situation and debt issues then now is the time to keep doing exactly what it is that you are doing right now, reading. This is a fine method for learning all there is to know about credit counseling and you have the right guy to teach you in me.